Monday, August 28, 2017

Another Tabletop Piece

Another tabletop piece I made was the Leaf Table Centre from Sweet Pea. I really love their designs. The design comes in 3 different sizes and I made the middle size (6x10). You make 8 leaves for the completed project. Each leaf is made in the hoop with just a small bit of hand sewing to close the opening where you flip the leaf to the right side (or you can use fabric glue). 
One of the eight leaves made in the hoop.
After the leaves are made, you sew them together along the guidelines that were stitched.
Completed piece after the leaves are sewn together.
It was really fun to make and I loved the finished result. The completed size was 24” diameter. The hardest part was picking fabrics. I gave this one to my parents for their coffee table. 
Here it is on my parent's coffee table.
I bought fabric to make another for my kitchen table and it’s on my embroidery to-do list…which seems to be growing. :-)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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