Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Fall Y'all

A while ago, my mom gave me a stack of white hand towels she bought for a project and never used.  They've been sitting in my craft room for a while and I finally decided to try embroidering a fall design on a couple of them.  I got the design from AProverbs31Wife on Etsy.  You can find the design here.  For my first attempt I used a cutaway stabilizer on the back and a water soluble stabilizer (wss) on the front.  It stitched ok, but even with the wss on the top, I thought the stitches were getting lost in the nap of the towel too much.
First Attempt
A friend suggested adding knockdown stitches.  I had never heard of that before, but I learned it adds an underlay for the entire design which extends a little beyond the edge of the design.  You can use embroidery software to add knockdown stitches to your design.  You can see a video of how to add knockdown stitches in Enthusiast here.  After adding knockdown stitches to my design, I tried embroidering it again.  I still used cutaway on the back and wss on the front like the first try. The knockdown stitches were done in white to blend with the towel.  The design stands out much better this way! I even made a couple more to gift to my mom and a friend. :-)

Thanks for reading and Happy Fall Y'all!